Rachael Sage on Live in Your Living Room NYC-NL Connection Tour

As stated on the English section of our website, one of the special projects of Live in Your Living Room is to establish a Live in Your Living Room NYC-NL Connection

We have invested in establishing this Connection for more than five years.

For example, we have done so by broadening our network in NYC and promoting NL-acts in organizing the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival for the last three years, including this year. At this festival a variety of NYC-acts co-billed a Dutch act, such as Pat DiNizio, Matt Keating, Buffie Roseanne, Lee Feldman and many others. 

And, with which it all started, by giving NYC-acts the opportunity to play at our concert series over here in Europe. After many NYC-acts (see Artist section of this website), amongst them Reni Lane, Jeff Krantz, David Pattillo, Greta Gertler, Curtis Eller, we are happy to have Rachael Sage over to do a Live in Your Living Room NYC-NL Connection Tour of six concerts.

Concert dates:

May 13 2011, Den Haag
May 14 2011, Utrecht
May 15 2011, Amsterdam
May 20 2011, Utrecht
May 21 2011, Dronten
May 22 2011, Amsterdam

Check our Calendar for the details. Please make reservations at the specific concert in the Calendar, or via