From 2-11 November, the 8th edition of our Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival will take place. This year we bring Monique Klemann, lead singer of the legendary band Loïs Lane. As always, the festival consists of concerts in a variety of intimate locations.

Again, we are invited to do a concert at famous The Bitter End, the birth place of Bob Dylan’s stardom. Also included are Stage 3 of Rockwood Music Hall, Pinks, CitizenM Times Square Hotel and The Netherland Club, as well as some genuine, beautiful, Manhattan and Brooklyn lofts and living rooms. Almost every night, Monique will be co-billed by a different NYC-act.  

The singing career of Monique Klemann began in the mid 80's and her band Loïs Lane was a sensation in the Netherlands. The band released a number of albums and many reached platinum status in Holland. Loïs Lane toured with Prince in the early nineties and Prince was enchanted enough to write several tracks for their album 'Qualified'. In 1995 the album Fireflight was released and contained many of their last big hits. After 1995 Loïs Lane released s few morel singles (Simply Beautiful, When I'm with You) and two tribute albums. Thereafter, the band remained very active in the live-scene. 

It was not until 2007 that Monique Klemann pursued a solo career. Her first release was On Patrol. In between numerous guest appearances on Dutch television and live shows, Monique remains active recording and performing her own songs. The recent release of a mini-album 'Coool' (2016, Zip Records) showcases Monique in her new incarnation. Just recently, Monique released her brand new single "Sleeping Pill" on Zip Records. Sleeping Pill is the teaser for her full length album - to be released in the spring of 2019. Klemann will debute her new look and sound in New York City at the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival.   


Sleeping Pill (2018)

Loïs Lane, Qualified (1992)

It's the First Time (1989)