Live in Your Living Room Tour

Live in Your Living Room Tour

Live in Your Living Room has added a new dimension to its activities, the LIYLR Tour. We arrange for you, as an act or band, the living rooms for your performances. We strive to arrange the tour in blocks of about 10 concerts. Upon request, we will draw up a proposal, based on the number of performances you wish to participate in. For this service we ask a modest fee 'per living room'. 

If you would like more information, we will send you a standard LIYLR Tour document, with all the in's and out's. Don't forget to send us your contact information. We subsequently will ask you to submit the dates and cities of your preference and we will try to accommodate to your wishes.  

Once we have received your application by, we will contact you immediately and begin to organize your tour. 

For hosts

Currently, we are arranging concerts for a few acts. If you are interested in any of these acts / bands and would like to be a host or audience member please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information.