Fourth edition of the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival, Sep 14-29 2012

From Sep 14 - Sep 29, the fourth edition of the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival will be held. The Live in Your Living Room Festival like last year consists of ten concerts. The festival is part of the Live in Your Living Room NYC-NL Connection, international house concert network Live in Your Living Room has been gradually building on now for six years. That has resulted in three successful editions of the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival in the past three years, with concerts at great locations such as The Chelsea Hotel, the hip 255Canal Art Gallery, a number of venues like Piano’s, The Sidewalk Cafe, Googie’s Lounge, Northeast Kingdom. And - of course - we were guests in lots of living rooms at private homes ranging from studios to villas, and from Harlem to Brooklyn.

Like in previous editions of the festival, this year’s promoted Dutch band iET is an very talented, emerging act. Also, iET performed in NYC earlier for example they did a show in The Living Room. At home, iET was support act for R&B/neo soul legend Macy Gray in Amsterdam’s Paradiso. iET’s new album will be produced by nobody less than Russell Elevado (D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys). It is expected to be released somewhere later this year. In fact, during the time that iET will be in NYC for the Live in Your Living Room NYC Festival, they will work with Russell to finalize the album.

Each concert, NYC-acts will be co-billing iET. For the whole schedule, please see attached the full program of the Festival.

Concerts usually start at 8.00 pm, some of them at 7.00 pm. At Sunday 23 September 2012, we will have a “high-tea” edition that will start at 4.00 pm. At the house concerts, suggested donation at the door is $10 p.p., included are refreshments. Concerts at some of our venues are free, as your tips will be appreciated. Please, RSVP indicating date and number of attendance via e-mail at, or directly to the host.

On this edition of the Festival a record-number of 18 NYC-acts will participate, continuing on the high profile of NYC-acts we had in earlier editions, with names such as Pat DiNizio (The Smithereens)Matt Keating, and David Patillo (The Dead Exs). This year’s list of NYC-acts: 

Shenandoah and the Night

My Glorious Mess

Dirty Uchins

Lyle Divinsky

Quincy Mumford

Inky Jack

Highly Suspect

The Tres Amigos

Tanner Walle

Hannah & Maggie

Jenn Summers

Jesse Terry


Holding Back Entirely

Amy Lynn & The Gunshow

October Project

David Bronson

Rachael Sage

Bio iET

iET is just a name pronounced as EAT. Just a name, although the music can cause an “intense Emotional Thrill”. As Macy Gray put it after iET had been her support act: “That shit sounded good guys!”. Where Russell Elevado (himself) was convinced too: “The debut album of iET will be a valid piece of art”.

Musical roots? – Coming from a musical family for generations, Lisa’s first memory of music is listening to records of The Doors, The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys, together with her father. Het first steps in her musical was playing the flugelhorn in the village’s local orchestra (they needed a flugelhorn, so flugelhorn it was). And lateron the trumpet as well. A little later she picked up playing the acoustic guitar. Pretty soon she was playing songs while secretively singing along. At guitar lessons, she was inspired and stimulated by her teacher to start writing her own material (title of first original iET-song: “Vlinder” which is Dutch for “Butterfly”). iET ended up at the College of Music (Hilversum Conservatory) singing being her main subject. But, she didn’t feel much at home. iET kept longing for more freedom, dedicate herself to solely work on her own material. iET moved to Zeeland where she found the peace and quiet she was looking for.

During an audition for a music project in Rotterdam, she was introduced to Budy Mokogintha, her (music-) partner until today. With Budy, iET started to work out her own material, sound and style. At first mostly inspired by artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and d’Angelo, they got on the track of producer Russell “The Dragon” Elevado. Russell won several Grammy Awards, one of which was for d’Angelo’s legendary album “Voodoo”. iET and Budy decided to send Mr. Elevado an email with a link to their music, asking him what he thought about it. To their big surprise Mr. Elevado responded. And not only that: he wanted to work with iET and Budy. Wow! In the two years that followed they met several times, taking the first steps to develope the sound for iET’s first album. Meanwhile, the album is almost finished. But, iET is an ambitious band. While Russell Elevado is finalizing the album, iET started a project that resulted in an album as well: “The Kitchen Recordings”. “The Kitchen Recordings” stands for a small and pure concept, almost private, for which the kitchen was used as a studio. Perfectly in line with the concept of Live in Your Living Room. The first Series were a big success, in the attracting audience and creating bussin the media.  Currently, “Kitchen Recordings” Series 2 is on with collaborations with some of Dutch most prominent female singers.

See for full schedule the Calender on our homepage ("Coming Up").